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FIVE Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, so what are the risk factors of the cancer? Five Lung Cancer Risk Factors Smoking  About 80% of lung cancer deaths are thought to result from smoking. The risk for lung cancer among smokers is many times higher than among non-smokers. The longer you smoke and the more packs… Read more »

Are you experiencing cold and flu symptoms?

Are you experiencing cold and flu symptoms? #TisTheSeasonToBeSneezin’ Some cold and flu symptoms are well-known while others are not, and how do you tell the difference between whether you are experiencing cold symptoms or flu symptoms? Cold Symptoms Runny or stuffy nose Sore throat Sneezing Cough Headache or body aches Mild tiredness Colds come on… Read more »

Are you prepared for cold and flu season?

Are you prepared for cold and flu season? #TisTheSeasonToBeSneezin’ MainStreet Family Care and KidsStreet Urgent Care are already experiencing an influx of patients with cold and flu symptoms. With these rising numbers, it’s important to remain educated on how to prevent sickness for you and your family! Tips to Prevent Cold and Flu Sickness Wash… Read more »

MainStreet Is Going Pink!

It’s almost October! And what do we like to focus on most at MainStreet? Good health and great healthcare! In the spirit of October, we wanted to do a few things to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness. Though we don’t offer mammograms at our facility, we know just how important they are to helping to keep… Read more »

Dr. Wags Goes Back To School!

This month Dr. Wags went back to school! During the month of August, we have celebrated so many Back to School events and loved being able to be a part of this new time in so many children’s lives. First, we had our Back Pack Giveaway! We stuffed a backpack full of all the school supplies… Read more »

MainStreet Presents: Hometown Fourth Of July Festival

What to do this Fourth of July   Happy Independence Day from MainStreet Family Urgent Care! We celebrated the holiday this year by hosting Valley’s first ever Hometown Fourth of July Festival! The event was set at a field on Fob James Drive, beside the recently closed Steak n’ Shake. About 600 people came out… Read more »

MainStreet Family Urgent Care Offers Occupational Testing

MainStreet Family Urgent Care Offers Occupational Testing State’s second largest urgent care company helps 8,000 Alabamians stay fit for duty   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 4, 2018 (Birmingham, Ala.) – MainStreet Family Urgent Care has been doing its part to keep Alabama’s labor force healthy and safe by offering occupational health services. Working with over… Read more »

Urgent Care’s Role in Treating Seasonal Allergies

Each year 50 million people go to war. The enemy? ALLERGENS. The human body is constantly defending itself from these attacks. Dust, mold, and pollen wage war by eliciting very unpleasant reactions within the body. Allergy victims suffer through watery eyes, sneezing, headaches,  congestion and much more. What is an allergy? One of the marvels… Read more »

Allergies vs Colds: How to tell the difference, and how to get back to feeling better fast

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time of year when you get that tickle in your throat and you can’t tell if you’re getting sick or if it’s just the amount of pollen in the air. Or when your child’s nose suddenly is always running and you’re praying it’s just allergies and… Read more »