Tired of going to the ER when your pediatrician is closed?

At KidsStreet Urgent Care, we know that when your little ones can’t fall asleep at night and when the fever won’t stay down (nor any of their dinner) it’s time to get care. You know it’s not serious enough to take to the E.R., and you don’t want to spend hours on hold with the after-hours hotline. That’s when it’s time to bring them to KidsStreet Urgent Care! We are Alabama’s only urgent care dedicated to KIDS! We are open late, seven days a week to help get the care you and your family need when you need it

Spending too much in the ER?

We take BCBS, Medicaid and most major insurance plans! Co-pays start at $20 vs. hundreds of dollars from traditional hospital emergency rooms. And if you are on a high deductible plan, our rates are much more affordable than ER rates.  

Hate to Wait?

As KidsStreet Urgent Care, we strive to ensure you spend as little time in the waiting room as possible! Most of our patients are in and out within an hour! During your visit, we offer kids their own magic, mess-free, coloring kits to help keep them entertained without touching germ-covered toys. We also offer complimentary water, juice, hot chocolate, and coffee to all patients, and we even have snacks for sale!

Want to Skip the Trip to the Pharmacy?

With our convenient Pre-Pak pharmacy, you can purchase most of your child’s prescriptions right here at KidsStreet! With many of our medications at just $15, you can start their treatment faster, save yourself the hassle of dragging sick children around the pharmacy, and get them back to the comfort of their own bed!