Sports Physicals

MainStreet Family Care provides sports physicals for your student-athletes. We also offer COVID-19 testing to ensure your kids are healthy before the first big game! 

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What Are Sports Physicals?

Student-athletes are required to complete a sports physical before they try out or participate in sports to determine if they are healthy enough to participate in the desired sport. Regardless of whether your child is looking to play football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, or another sport, your program will require a physical example. 

During these exams, your child’s overall health and health history are assessed. During the exam, the practitioner will obtain and report everything from the height and weight of your student to their blood pressure. The provider will listen to your child’s heart and lungs, as well as check his or her posture. 

At the end of the exam, the provider will complete the form. If needed, they will recommend any other additional exams, information, or tests.

What Questions Will The Provider Ask?

The goal of the sports physical is to obtain as much information as possible about the previous and current health of your student-athlete. 

Therefore, you will answer questions related to the following: 

  • Family history of serious illnesses
  • Current illnesses 
  • History of hospitalizations or surgeries
  • Allergies 
  • Past injuries or complications 
  • Current medications 

How Long Are Sports Physicals Good For? 

A sports physical is often good for the entire school year. Therefore, each year your program will require another sports physical before your student-athlete can take play sports with a school-sponsored program. 

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