Primary Care

You’ve come to rely on the MainStreet Family for all of life’s little emergencies, and we are excited to offer primary care for our patients, too! Now the same friendly faces who come to the rescue when your family is injured or ill will be the same friendly face to help with your annual checkup or your high blood pressure.

We believe that all doctor visits should be as quick and convenient as your urgent care visits, offering extended hours, 7 days a week!


Primary Care Services At MainStreet

At MainStreet Family Care, we are committed to providing high-quality care for everyone that visits us. We are open seven days a week and open late to provide you with a wide variety of the care you need.

MainStreet is proud to offer these services for the following acute and chronic conditions:

Why MainStreet Family Care

Below are a few reasons to choose MainStreet Family Care:  

  • We are accepting new primary care patients now. 
  • You can get same or next-day appointments. 
  • We accept Medicaid and most major insurance plans.  
  • You get convenient care close to home.  
  • We are open 7 days a week.  
  • Your care is our top priority!   

What Is a Primary Care Doctor and Why Do You Need One?

A PCP is someone you can rely on to help you with various medical issues as you age. A consistent physician will typically know you and your health history since you see them at least annually.

  • Stay on top of your health with annual physicals. 
  • Remain up to date with your age-appropriate tests and lab work.  
  • Manage acute and chronic conditions. 
  • Obtain consistency of care.  

As you age, your body changes, and so do your healthcare needs. It is vital to see a doctor who understands your health history and is available when you need them.

In short, having regular care makes it easier to spot any underlying health conditions and can help get ahead of medical conditions. These healthcare providers can also tell you when you need specific tests based on age, health, and family history.

The Difference Between Primary Care and Urgent Care

At MainStreet Family Care, we also offer urgent care services to help you with life’s little emergencies. Our clinics are ready to serve you with no appointment necessary. You can visit the urgent care services page to learn more.

Reasons for visiting us for urgent care could range from cold or flu symptoms to minor injuries such as twists and sprains. You do not have to have an appointment; however, you can register online to reduce your in-clinic wait time.

With primary care, on the other hand, you will often schedule an appointment in advance via the patient portal for annual physicals or lab work. You can sign up for the patient portal and schedule an appointment by visiting the patient portal page.

Benefits of Primary Care

There are many benefits of having a primary care doctor. Seeing a doctor consistently for your health care needs means they know you and your health history better than anyone else. Having a dependable doctor to turn to for medical care and medical advice is invaluable. Therefore, you should obtain better care.

Below are some benefits of having a primary care doctor:

  • You can see a consistent team for years, even decades. This approach allows the healthcare team to understand your health and your family history, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • If you need a specialist for a specific medical condition, your primary care doctor will help you find the right one. Plus, they can send the specialist your health records to familiarize them with your medical history.
  • These doctors know which tests you need and when based on your age, health issues, and medical history.

In short, having a consistent doctor can be incredibly helpful for your current and future healthcare.

Turn to MainStreet Family Care

We are proud to offer these services at each of our MainStreet Family Care clinics. Our healthcare professionals and care teams are prepared to provide you with long term care for your health needs.

With MainStreet, you do not have to wait for weeks to obtain an appointment with internal medicine or other primary care physicians. We can typically provide health services the same or next day – even for primary care!

We are also open late seven days a week to provide you with the care you deserve, and our team of healthcare providers and nurse practitioners look forward to seeing you.

The first step is creating an account on the Patient Portal. Then, you can signup for an appointment once you are logged into the portal.

Register for Primary Care Patient Portal
Login to Primary Care Patient Portal

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