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October is National Liver Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Liver Cancer Awareness Month! So what is it and what are the risk factors? Read on to find out! The liver is one of the largest organs in the body. It filters harmful substances from the blood, produces bile that helps in the digestion of fats, and stores sugar that the body… Read more »

Family Spotlight: Dr. Wags, Mascot

Dr. Richard Wags is MainStreet Family Urgent Care’s favorite canine companion and company mascot! This month we are focusing our Family Spotlight on our company mascot, Dr. Wags. Born in Dogtown, Alabama, our  MainStreet Family found Dr. Wags as a young pup with a talent for making kids smile! We took him into our Family… Read more »

Urgent Care’s Role in Treating Seasonal Allergies

Each year 50 million people go to war. The enemy? ALLERGENS. The human body is constantly defending itself from these attacks. Dust, mold, and pollen wage war by eliciting very unpleasant reactions within the body. Allergy victims suffer through watery eyes, sneezing, headaches,  congestion and much more. What is an allergy? One of the marvels… Read more »

MainStreet Family Urgent Care Opens Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic

With the opioid epidemic a topic of many political conversations, MainStreet Family Urgent Care is taking action by housing a medication-assisted addiction treatment program in one of their urgent care clinics. Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic is now accepting patients who are either already enrolled in a Suboxone program or are looking to begin a medication-assisted… Read more »

Family Spotlight: Holly Wagoner, Medical Assistant

This month for Family Spotlight, we got to catch up with Holly Wagoner, MA.     Where is your hometown? Heflin, Alabama – currently living in Jacksonville, Alabama Tell us about your family! Joey (husband) and Oscar (furbaby) When was your hiring date? June 26, 2017 How did you get involved at MainStreet? I was… Read more »

Dr. Wags Donates to the Cherokee County Crisis Center

Donating to the Cherokee County Crisis Center This year, Dr. Wags wanted to share the Christmas spirit by giving. After all, Christmas is all about giving to others. We thought about Cherokee County and what organizations need the donations. There are so many great organizations around our area, but one stood out – Cherokee County… Read more »

Dr. Wags steals the show in the Cherokee County

Cherokee County Christmas Parade November 30, 2017 Dr. Wags had the pleasure of being involved in the Cherokee County Christmas Parade conducted by the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce. The Christmas parade was a huge success. There were floats coordinated by sports teams, politicians, churches, school groups, restaurants, medical groups, and more. We were so… Read more »

Centre Fall Festival

Centre Fall Festival On the first Saturday of October everyone gathered on Main Street in  Centre for a day full of festivities. MainStreet decided to join in on the fun! We had such a great time handing out goodies to our community. The day began off quietly, but soon took over the entire street. There… Read more »

Family Spotlight: Brianna Bates

This month we sat down with Brianna Bates, medical assistant! Where is your hometown? Tallapoosa, Georgia Tell us about your family. There is me and husband, Ethan, along with our three dogs (Gabby, Hercules, and Gunner) How did you get involved at MainStreet? An employee had told me they were hiring. What is your favorite… Read more »

Family Spotlight: Teresa McCutcheon, Medical Assistant

On this month’s Family Spotlight, we interviewed Ms. Teresa McCutcheon! Teresa is such a special member of our MainStreet Family here in Centre! She always is making the whole clinic laugh. Thank you Teresa for all you do for us!   How did you get involved in MainStreet? I had retired from being an LPN… Read more »