Did you know you can get blood lab tests at urgent care centers? MainStreet Family Care is here to educate you on the types of tests these clinics offer. Below are all of the in-house lab tests at MainStreet.  

Common Lab Tests at Urgent Care Centers

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests are incredibly important to understanding your overall health. These tests involve a simple blood draw and can detect many underlying disorders. Some of the disorders that a CBC can detect include:

  • Anemia 
  • Infections
  • Blood cancers
  • Immune system diseases

With all of the important issues a CBC can uncover, these tests should be a part of your yearly routine. 

Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) 

A Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) test is a blood test that summarizes your metabolism and body chemistry. Like CBC tests, they are recommended yearly. However, those with diabetes or high blood pressure may need to get them more frequently to check on the status of their condition. 

Lipid Panel

Lipid panels are slightly different from CBC and CMP tests as they are not recommended yearly; instead, they should be completed about once every five years. These tests measure the cholesterol and fat in your blood. Getting a lipid panel completed could uncover your risk of heart attack, as well as heart disease and blood vessel diseases. 

Glucose/Blood Sugar Tests

Glucose/blood sugar tests are completed by pricking the finger and taking a bit of blood. The blood will then be tested for increased glucose. These tests can give insight into many conditions, but it is most commonly associated with diabetes. 

Hemoglobin Tests 

Hemoglobin is contained inside red blood cells and transports oxygen through your blood. Hemoglobin tests aim to detect how much hemoglobin you have in your blood and can give a good indication for a number of medical issues. Some issues that hemoglobin tests can uncover consist of the following: 

  • Anemia
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Blood disorders
  • Malnutrition
  • Heart and lung conditions

TB Skin Tests

Although TB Skin Tests are not exactly blood tests, they are still increasingly important to have completed. Tuberculosis is a serious condition that affects the pulmonary system and is extremely contagious. 

The test is administered by injecting a tiny amount of fluid under the skin on the forearm. Once it is injected, the patient must return two to three days later for a medical provider to view the injection site and determine if the test is positive or negative. The state of the skin around the area determines the positive or negative result. 

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