Contactless Registration at MainStreet

Doctor receiving patient registration form in hospital

We’re excited to announce contactless registration at MainStreet Family Care and KidsStreet Urgent Care. There may still be a significant wait, but this system allows you to wait from your home or from your vehicle. Please read carefully to familiarize yourself with our process and the safety measures we’ve put in place. In addition, we’ve included some frequently asked questions about QR codes and contactless registration.

What is contactless registration?

MainStreet’s contactless registration system allows you to pre-register from home for cold, flu, or COVID related symptoms. Then you can wait at home until it’s time for you to head to the clinic. If you’re a primary care or urgent care patient, you can register from outside the clinic with your smartphone using a QR code and wait in your vehicle.  This allows you to register and wait inside your vehicle or at home until it is closer to your time to be seen. This does not eliminate or reduce wait times. It simply makes your wait more comfortable and allows us to have fewer people in the clinic waiting room.

What if I am a primary care patient or need urgent care for stitches, x-rays, etc.?

Primary care and urgent care patients will be prioritized. Please check-in from the clinic using the QR codes outside of the building, then follow the QR directions below.

How does the QR code work?

  1. On your smartphone, select the camera application.
  2. Focus the camera over the displayed QR code. Click on the pop-up notification, which will take you to our online web registration form.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the registration.
  4. After registering, wait at home or in your vehicle until we text you to come to the waiting room. It is important you keep your phone on and are checking for this communication.
  5. You will receive a confirmed registration with a link to check your approximate wait time. This is only an estimate.
  6. When you receive the “We’re ready for you” text, it is time to head to the clinic.
  7. Once you receive your “Come inside” text, please see the front desk and let them know you have arrived.  

Does contactless registration secure my place ‘in line’?

Yes. We use the order patients register online to determine the order in which they will be treated. This is why it is very important that you register online to secure your place. By registering online, there is no need to wait in a physical line outside the clinic. You can wait at home or in your vehicle until we text you to come in. When you receive your text, it’s time to come into the clinic.

Can I still register the old way (fill out a paper form in the waiting room)?

This option is still available for those without smartphones. We also ask that uninsured patients and those who’ve been sent with an intake form from their employers, please present to the front desk. For all other urgent care, primary care, and COVID-19 testing patients, filling out the form online makes the registration process much easier. Please see the front desk if you are unable to use web registration and we will help you register. 

The registration website displays a message saying registration is full/closed for the day. What does that mean?

We can only handle a certain number of COVID-19 testing patients per day due to hours and staff limitations. If you begin to register online and see a message displayed stating that we cannot process any more registrations, this means that the clinic has reached its daily limit for COVID-19 testing. If you are at the clinic for a non-COVID-related visit, please proceed with contactless registration.

What if I can’t scan the QR registration code or online registration is not working?

Please see the front desk and we will provide another way for you to register. 

What if I don’t get a confirmation text message after submitting my form?

Every registration that is completed successfully will receive a confirmation text message. If you do not receive this message, come in and check with our front desk to confirm that your registration was successful and we have the appropriate phone number as part of your registration.

How do I know where I am in line?

When you register online, you will receive a link where you can check your esimated wait time. Please know that this is only an estimate. This is a pre-registration process, not an appointment. Once you get an individual text for you to come inside, you can check-in at the clinic.

How long do I have to get back to the clinic once you text me?

Once we get in touch with you that it is your turn, you will have 15 minutes to present to the front desk.  If you do not check-in within 15 minutes from when we send the text for you to come in, your place in line will be lost. 

Why can’t I register online if I am uninsured and want to use the government COVID program for my COVID test?

For our uninsured patients seeking to have their COVID test paid for by the government COVID testing program for the uninsured, we first need to determine your eligibility in a portal the government has set upCurrently, we are only able to do this by having you come into the waiting room and speaking with the front desk staff.

If you are looking to register from home, click here to find your clinic’s registration link.

If you have further questions, please do not call the clinics. Our clinic staff is working tirelessly to focus on patient care. We’re happy to provide an immediate response to patients who email us at