COVID-19 Vaccines for Teachers

Female student wearing a reusable face mask while sitting at her desk in class.

We all love our teachers. And we know, especially during this time, our teachers have faced lots of uncertainty. If you or someone you care about is actively working in the education sector, here is some information that we hope you find helpful.

Eligible Teachers

ADPH announced that teachers and many others are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to ADPH, this means you are actively working in the education sector as:

  • Teachers
  • Support staff
  • Community college educators
  • Higher education educators
  • Childcare workers

If you believe you are eligible but do not see your job description here, please click here. We know your concerns and sense of urgency are heightened at this time. So we’re providing some additional information and resources for you below. Please continue to read below.

Please be patient. We understand that many still need vaccines. We are vaccinating as many people as possible daily. Everyone who receives a vaccine is deserving of one. We do not accept appointments we do have online registration that cannot be done in advance, only the day-of your visit.

Online Registration

We are doing our best to vaccinate as many eligible people as possible daily. Please learn more about our online registration process for COVID-19 vaccines here. If you are in the education sector and your schedule does not permit availability once your registration is confirmed and you cannot arrive at the clinic within 30 minutes of being notified that it is your turn to come to the clinic, here are some other options.

  • Reach out to your school administration regarding special accommodations for getting a vaccine.
  • Contact your school district. Some school districts will be providing specific accommodations or instructions for teachers and staff.
  • Register on the weekend. Our online registration opens at 7 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. You can find instructions on how to get the initial dose of your COVID-19 vaccine here.

In addition to educators, we are doing our best to accommodate those over 65 years of age, healthcare workers, and other essential employees included in the 1b category. We thank you in advance for your kindness and your patience.