Dr. Wags Donates to the Cherokee County Crisis Center

Donating to the Cherokee County Crisis Center

This year, Dr. Wags wanted to share the Christmas spirit by giving. After all, Christmas is all about giving to others. We thought about Cherokee County and what organizations need the donations. There are so many great organizations around our area, but one stood out – Cherokee County Crisis Center.

Here is some information about what exactly the Cherokee County Crisis Center is, gotten directly from their Facebook. “A non profit organization formed in 1994 by a group of ladies that saw a need in Cherokee County Alabama to help folks facing a crisis situation with, food, clothes and utility bills ‘when money is available.’
There is never a charge for our service.”


The Cherokee County Crisis Center is always there for people who need help. When money is not available, the volunteers give their time to listen. We were shopping for items to donate to the crisis center and went to check out. The cashier asked why we had so many bags of bean and rice. We explained to her what we were doing with all of the non-perishable items. She then began to tell stories of how the center had helped her as well as her friends and family. That is amazing! We feel as no matter where in Cherokee County we go, there will be someone who was helped (or know someone who was helped) by the Cherokee County Crisis Center.


This is such an awesome asset to have in  our community. People receive help, but they also give their time in return by volunteering in the crisis center.


If you wish to donate to the Cherokee County Crisis Center, contact them at 256-927-6647!