Urgent Care for Veterans

Dr. Wags thanking those who have served

VA Approved Urgent Care

We’re excited to let you know that Veterans can now come to urgent care thanks to the VA MISSION Act and the Veterans Community Care Program. This was signed in 2018 and implemented in June 6, 2019. It states that Veterans can now seek care at select approved civilian clinics. We are proud to say that MainStreet is an approved civilian urgent care facility! We look forward to serving you, just as you’ve served our country.

How do I get urgent care if I am a Veteran?

This is a new program designed for Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system and who visited a VA doctor, or a civilian doctor under the VA Choice program. It allows you to see an urgent care doctor for free if:

  • You are a Veteran that is is eligible for the benefit;
  • Your urgent care provider is part of the VA’s contracted network of community providers; and
  • The urgent care services you need are not excluded under the benefit (such as preventative care and dental services).

The VA recommends that you should receive verification to find out if you are eligible for the benefit and that the treatment you seek is covered under the program. You will probably need to do this only once, but it’s a good idea to make sure everything is squared away. If you visit an urgent care provider when you aren’t eligible, or you get medical treatment that isn’t covered under the new program, you will be responsible for the full amount of the bill.

Where can I find a Veteran’s urgent care?

All of our MainStreet Family Care clinics are VA authorized urgent care locations. We have 16 locations throughout Alabama spreading from Arab and Centre down to Andalusia and Eufaula. Check out our list of locations to find a VA authorized MainStreet clinic near you.

What will it cost me to come to MainStreet?

When you choose MainStreet Family Care, as a VA patient, you never have to pay a co-pay at the time of service!

Veterans in Priority Groups 1 to 5, as well as some Veterans in Priority Group 6, can visit an authorized urgent care center for free up to three times every year. After that, each visit will cost $30. Veterans in Priority Groups 7 and 8 will have a $30 co-payment for each visit. However, the VA will bill you for the co-pay after your visit.

For more information on the VA MISSION Act of 2018, copayments for Veterans and urgent care for Veterans, click here.

Sources: VA.gov and Military.com