How Occupational Health Provides a Safer Workplace

occupational health man on the floor

Occupational health is proven to help employers create a safer workplace by educating employees, mitigating risks, boosting morale, reducing costs and insurance premiums, and improving efficiency.

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Educating Employees to Mitigate Risks

Employee education is a cornerstone to avoiding workplace accidents. Every employee should be educated on the five workplace hazards- physical, chemical, biological, psychological, and ergonomic- in order to mitigate risks. This ultimately translates to improved workplace health and safety.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and regulations should be posted in the workplace in a location that is visible to all employees, as required by the federal government. 

In addition to following OSHA laws, it is highly recommended that all employers follow the regulations set forth by the Safer Federal Workforce. This organization is a task force created by federal agencies that defines the laws of mask-wearing and the spread of COVID-19.

Employers should be adamant that every employee receives adequate education related to their job and daily tasks. One way to do this is to require monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly training that covers risk factors, avoidance methods, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. 

How Does Occupational Health Boost Employee Morale? 

By ensuring a safe workplace, employers can directly improve employee morale and relations. While setting solid occupational health standards in the work environment helps avoid injuries, it also reduces stress and can directly improve the mental health of employees. 

Employee morale can also be directly related to productivity and turnover rates. If someone is working for a company that they feel truly cares about their health and safety, they will be more inclined to continue their employment. 

Reducing Costs and Insurance Premiums 

Safe and healthy workplace environments may reduce long-term employer costs. When employees get injured or come down with an illness related to their job, they may miss days or even weeks of work. This directly impacts the turnover rate and associated costs with hiring and training new employees. By having a strong occupational healthcare presence, these issues are significantly reduced and save employers money. 

By promoting workplace safety and working conditions, the number of work-related injuries begins to decrease. For employers that offer insurance benefits, this means lower copays and insurance premiums each year. 

Improving Efficiency and Productivity 

Simply put: the less time employees need to take off of work, the more productive they are. Ensuring your employees are safe at work and adhere to all safety standards means they will suffer from fewer workplace injuries.

Additionally, following proper protocols can create a more productive workforce. By following all standards, employees can get work done in a time-sensitive manner and move on to other projects quickly. 

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