Rent Payments

MainStreet/KidsStreet pays rent (and sometimes other payments ) via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  To ensure timely payment please complete the EFT form using the link below and email it to


Landlord Ownership Changes

We require written notice of a change of ownership from the “Seller” to be sent to our Legal Notice Address in the lease. To mitigate potential fraud, in addition to  written notice, we require the following to be sent to the notice address:

  • W-9 in the name of the new owner
  • Assignment of the Lease, Grant of Deed, Deed of Trust, stating the names of the prior and new owner, that has been signed by both the prior owner and the new owner

Landlord Notice and Contact Changes

To change your notice address, change your contact or entity name, etc you must send written notice to the Legal Notice Address in the lease.

Estoppel Certificates and/or Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreements (SNDA) Processing and Requests

Please send your request to the Legal Notice Address in your lease via certified mail or overnight delivery. Estoppel/ SNDA requests will be processed within the time period identified in your lease.  Expedited Processing can be requested for a fee.

Insurance Information, Certificate of Insurance, Additional Insured

For Certificates of Insurance or other insurance information, send your request to

Frequently Requested Documents