MainStreet Family Care: Our Values

Nurse with a patient

At MainStreet Family Care, our top priority is helping our patients heal and feel better, fast! We value three main concepts: Heal and Feel, WOW, and We Are Family. 

Heal and Feel 

One of MainStreet’s main objectives is to ensure all patients are able to heal with the help of our compassionate providers. Whether a patient is suffering from a general illness, infection, minor injury, or other medical condition, we will do everything within our power to help them begin the healing process. 

We are not only focused on healing illnesses and injuries but ensuring our patients feel better as well. MainStreet wants our patients to leave our facilities feeling heard, understood, and loved. 

Whether we provide you with urgent care services or primary care services, we will always focus on ensuring you are healing and feeling better upon leaving our facilities. 

WOW… And Then Some

At MainStreet, we aim to complete each and every endeavor with excellence in mind in order to reflect on them with pride. The WOW mentality allows us and our patients to look back on everything we do and know we did the absolute best that we could, and then some. 

The phrase “and then some” is the difference between average and exceptional. We will always go the extra mile for each and every patient, regardless of their reason for visiting. The “and then some” mentality is the defining measure of our practice, and we strive for this concept daily. 

We Are Family

MainStreet is far from just a practice – we are family. We strive to create an environment that facilitates trust, understanding, and growth between our providers and our patients alike. 

We treat each other, our patients, and everyone we come into contact with as if they are family. Our main family values include respect, compassion, kindness, love, selflessness, willingness to sacrifice, hard work, and community. Each and every act we perform is done with these principles in mind. 

Turn To MainStreet Family Care

When visiting MainStreet Family Care’s clinics, you will always be treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and compassion. Our goal is to help you heal and feel better, regardless of your circumstances. 

To visit a clinic, utilize our online registration system. Registering online allows you to wait from the comfort of your home and head to the clinic when we’re ready for you. Walk-ins are always welcome, but please be aware that online registration reduces in-clinic wait times.