MainStreet Family Care Offers Occupational Testing

Male and female worker working in warehouse.

Did you know MainStreet Family Care offers occupational testing? Since 2018, MainStreet Family Care has been doing its part to keep the labor force healthy and safe by offering occupational health services. Working with over 1,000 companies around the state and nation, we have evaluated close to countless employees across various industries. Our occupational medicine services including drug testing, physicals, TB skin tests, audiograms, vaccines, and more. This gives employers the necessary information in making personnel and safety decisions.

We’re here to provide quality care not only for your families but also for your businesses. We want you to be confident in the health and wellness of your employees. Occupational medicine testing at our clinics provides insight into a current or potential employee’s abilities and whether their health might directly impact the workplace environment.

Why implement occupational medicine testing?

When you invest in our occupational health services, we provide you with peace of mind. We take the correct steps Occupational medicine reduces occupational health risks. Our pre-employment testing allows you to identify whether an individual is able to perform duties required by the job.

  • Employee testing can benefit a company by saving time in the selection process.
  • Employees who are fit for the job can reduce turnover, and even improve company morale.
  • Annual and periodic testing is available. This allows employers to maintain a standard of well-being for their employees. It also ensures they continue to be fit for the job they are doing on a day-to-day basis.
  • Yearly testing can also assure the workplace isn’t deteriorating an employee’s health. A few examples might be hearing damage from loud machinery, breathing problems due to chemical exposure, wear and tear from heavy lifting, and more.
  • Without proper testing to reduce the risk of occupational hazards, companies could potentially be liable for the damage their employees incur from working at their company.
  • Depending on the work environment, employers may choose different types of testing for different types of jobs. However, the majority of businesses do require random and post-accident drug testing for all employees. This ensures everyone is remaining safe while on the job and minimizing the potential for workplace accidents. It also reduces company liability while encouraging a drug-free workplace.

What makes MainStreet different?

Committing to any sort of occupational testing might be daunting to some employers. There’s a lot that goes into the paperwork, the time commitment, and the results. However, MainStreet aims to make this process as easy as possible. We’re dedicated to you, our clients, and the occupational testing process.

In addition, MainStreet Family Care employs medical providers who have been well-trained in OSHA recordability. During work comp situations, MainStreet’s goal is to send each employee back to work as soon as possible.

Any business owners or managers interested in learning more about occupational medicine and work comp services can email us directly. We’re happy to provide employers with a custom solution for their company’s specific needs.

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