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Explore Primary Care at MainStreet

At MainStreet, primary care visits are just as convenient as urgent care visits. With extended hours 7 days a week, you can schedule your annual check-up when it fits your busy calendar. It’s just one of the ways that MainStreet provides access to quality care close to home. When you sign up for primary care at MainStreet, you have access to consistent care for a variety of conditions including:

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Why MainStreet Family Care?

When you become a MainStreet patient, you’re part of the family. Above all else, we want you to get the answers you need and enjoy top-notch care. Choose primary care at MainStreet because:

  • We are accepting new primary care patients.
  • You can get same or next-day appointments.
  • We are open late and provide primary care 7 days a week.
  • We accept Medicaid and most major insurance plans.
  • You get convenient care close to home.
  • Your care is our top priority!

Learn More About Primary Care

What Do Primary Care Providers Do?

Primary Care Providers (PCP) help their patients stay healthy in a variety of ways. PCPs can be doctors, nurse practitioners, and even physicians assistants. Many of these providers specialize in family medicine or general practice.

These providers diagnose and treat different health conditions, develop diet and exercise plans, manage prescriptions and more! Some services you can expect from the PCPs at your local MainStreet clinic are:

More than anything, primary care providers focus on the overall health of their patients. Their goal is to prioritize disease prevention and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Difference Between Primary Care and Urgent Care

At MainStreet Family Care, we also offer urgent care services to help you with life’s little emergencies. Our clinic staff are ready to serve you with no appointment necessary. Visit our urgent care services page to learn more.

Urgent care handles everything from cold and flu symptoms to minor injuries like twists and sprains. When you visit MainStreet for urgent care, we treat the specific ailment you have so you can heal and feel better fast. You don’t need an appointment for urgent care visits, but you can register online to cut down your in-clinic wait time.

Primary care focuses on overall health and underlying causes of conditions to prevent illness and promote a healthier lifestyle. At MainStreet, we specialize in primary care services that fill the gaps in your healthcare journey. From chronic illness management like COPD and high cholesterol to annual check-ups to specialist referrals, the MainStreet Family provides you with quality care close to home.

To take advantage of MainStreet’s primary care offerings, you can schedule an appointment through the patient portal.

Benefits of Primary Care

When you prioritize primary care, you prioritize your long-term health. Your primary care team can diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and illnesses, but they do so much more. Take a look at some of our favorite benefits of primary care:

  • Your primary care team knows your medical history inside and out. Any ailment or condition you have will be addressed, understood and checked on by your provider at each visit.
  • If you need a specialist for a specific medical condition, your primary care doctor will help you find the right one. Plus, they can send the specialist your health records and work with them to ensure you get the best treatment possible.
  • Primary care is preventive care. Your primary care team can give you methods and plans to improve your health and prevent future conditions. This all helps you live a long, happy life (and can save you money in the long run)!

When you sign up for primary care at MainStreet, you’re part of the family. Our team approach to your health means quality care tailored to you every time.