The Wellness Snapshot Health Survey at MainStreet Family Care is free for patients. We recommend all primary patients take the survey before their annual primary care appointment. 

What is The Wellness Snapshot?

The Wellness Snapshot is a survey to help our healthcare providers better understand your medical needs. The survey is split into different sections, followed by open-ended questions.

Below are some of the topics covered in the questionnaire:

  • Depression Risk
  • Alcohol Use
  • Tobacco and Nicotine
  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertension
  • Weight/Body Mass Index
  • Cancer History
  • And More

Where Can I Find The Wellness Snapshot Health Survey?

You can find the survey in the patient portal on our website. You will need a patient account to access the survey. If you do not have an account, you can signup for one online!

What Happens After I Take This Survey?

After you take the survey, you will have access to the results. The report includes recommendations and suggestions for potential health risks and screenings that you may need based on your answers. We always recommend you make a follow-up primary care appointment to discuss your results.

At your next appointment, our clinic staff will take your vitals and do blood work to check your A1C, cholesterol, and more- free of charge! They will use data collected from the wellness survey along with your vitals and labs to determine any steps taken for your future health journey. 

Why Should I Take The Survey?

This medical survey gives you and your provider a better idea of your overall health needs and treatment plans. The data collected from the wellness survey helps the provider prepare for your primary care visit and to show you where your health is currently and how to improve for the future.