All About the Flu Vaccine

Curious about the flu vaccine? MainStreet Family Care is here to tell you all you need to know about receiving your annual flu shot! What Is The Flu? Influenza viruses A, B, C, and D are most contagious during flu season, which runs from November through March. The symptoms of the flu come on suddenly… Read more »

How Occupational Health Provides a Safer Workplace

Occupational health is proven to help employers create a safer workplace by educating employees, mitigating risks, boosting morale, reducing costs and insurance premiums, and improving efficiency. MainStreet Family Care proudly offers occupational health care services at our urgent care clinics! Educating Employees to Mitigate Risks Employee education is a cornerstone to avoiding workplace accidents. Every… Read more »

What are Flu Symptoms?

Influenza infection and flu symptoms can be difficult to understand and manage. MainStreet Family Care is here to educate you on the causes, symptoms, complications, and how you can reduce the spread of the flu.  What Is The Flu? The flu is a respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses and is extremely contagious. Millions of… Read more »

What are Strep Throat Symptoms?

Strep throat symptoms can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Although this condition is more common in children, it can be contracted at any age. MainStreet Family Care is here to educate you on all of the symptoms, as well as ways to treat and prevent strep throat.  Strep Throat Symptoms Common symptoms of strep include… Read more »

MainStreet Family Care: Our Values

At MainStreet Family Care, our top priority is helping our patients heal and feel better, fast! We value three main concepts: Heal and Feel, WOW, and We Are Family.  Heal and Feel  One of MainStreet’s main objectives is to ensure all patients are able to heal with the help of our compassionate providers. Whether a… Read more »