Urgent Care vs. Primary Care

Many people are unaware of when to choose urgent care vs. primary care. We take a look at what each can diagnose and treat as well as when you should go to each. Please note, for all life-threatening conditions please always call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room. When Should I Visit An… Read more »

Now Open: MainStreet Family Care in Smithfield, North Carolina

MainStreet Family Care is honored and ecstatic about bringing quality care and expertise to Smithfield, North Carolina! We look forward to diligently serving this community. Here are some of our frequently asked questions.  Where Are You Located?  We are located right next to CVS off of North Brightleaf Boulevard.  What Are Your Hours?  Our clinic… Read more »

Hormone, Pregnancy, and STD Testing Near You

MainStreet Family Care offers hormone, pregnancy, and STD testing in our lab tests. We can provide accurate results, close to home.    Hormone Testing   Hormonal imbalances can affect your daily life significantly. If you’re feeling more tired than normal, having irregular menstrual cycles, or are just feeling off, it may be time to get your hormones… Read more »

What Can Urgent Care Providers Treat?

Urgent care providers can treat a wide variety of conditions. MainStreet Family Care offers each of these services in our urgent care services.   Common Illnesses   Many people visit urgent care when they are sick with common illnesses. Urgent care providers can diagnose and treat the following conditions:   Sore throat and strep throat  Cold and flu … Read more »

What Can Primary Care Providers Treat?

Primary care providers have a vast offering in their services, and can treat a wide variety of conditions.  Additionally, these practitioners provide preventative care that will allow you to live a healthier life. Primary care facilities can also help manage chronic conditions, and keep track of the progression of diseases.  Below we cover learn more… Read more »

What is a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

What is a primary care provider? MainStreet Family Care is here to educate you on primary care providers.  What Is Primary Care?  What is primary care? Primary care combines general health services and preventative care. These services allow you to keep a routine check on your health.  Sign Up Now!  Step 1: Signup for the… Read more »

What Services Do Urgent Care Clinics Offer?

What services do urgent care clinics offer? MainStreet Urgent Care is here to tell you about urgent care service offerings.  Services For General Illnesses Urgent care clinics are the go-to place when you’re sick. Most urgent care facilities offer services for the following general illnesses: Cold and flu  Fevers Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Allergies and asthma… Read more »