What are Annual Physical Exams?

What are annual physical exams? MainStreet Family Care is here to help you understand the full scope of yearly physical exams, as well as the benefits you can reap from getting one.  Who Conducts Annual Physical Exams? Board-certified medical professionals should conduct your annual physical exam. Typically, primary care providers conduct yearly physical exams, and… Read more »

Understanding the ECG Lab Tests

There are various ECG lab tests that urgent care clinics can perform. MainStreet Family Care is here to help you understand the ones we provide in our services.  What Are ECG Lab Tests?  Electrocardiograms, also known as ECG or EKG lab tests, measure the electrical signals emitted by the heart. They are noninvasive, not painful,… Read more »

Why You Need an Annual Health Screening

Are you wondering why you need an annual health screening? MainStreet Family Care is here to tell you all the benefits of yearly screenings! The Benefits Of Health Screenings Receiving an annual screening can provide a huge benefit to your long-term health, especially for those aged 40 and older. Getting checked out once a year… Read more »