How Do I Get a Rapid COVID-19 Test?

Coronavirus COVID-19 medical technician professional doctor hand giving a swab test.

How do you get a rapid COVID-19 test? We’ve developed a contactless registration system for MainStreet and KidsStreet clinics. It does require a wait, but please know that we’re trying to help you and your neighbors the best we can. Thank you in advance for your patience. This is not an appointment, but pre-registering can provide additional information and an estimated wait time. Please read carefully.

Can my child get a COVID-19 rapid test?

Yes. We are happy to test children 1 and up.

How many COVID-19 tests are given daily?

At the beginning of each day, there are a limited number of tests based on the clinic staff and the number of tests available. Upon registration, our contactless registration system will provide an estimated wait time so you know when to head to the clinic. The number of COVID tests provided daily is limited and you must register online to get an available test. 

How early can I register for my COVID-19 test?

Registration begins online thirty minutes prior to opening. Please do not form a line outside the clinic. All registration can be done from home or from your car using the online registration directions on our website or outside the clinic. You can find opening hours for all locations at Your visit will be confirmed once you have pre-registered with our contactless registration system and received a confirmation via text or email. 

Registration begins daily, thirty minutes prior to the opening of the clinic.

Do I need to use contactless registration if I’m visiting for something other than COVID-19?

Yes. If you are visiting MainStreet Family Care or KidsStreet Urgent Care for something other than COVID-19 testing, please use the contactless registration system. If you are uninsured, please see the front desk. For occupational medicine services or worker’s comp, please be sure you have an intake form provided by your employer. Primary care, urgent care (injuries and other illnesses), and occupational medicine patients will be prioritized. If you are having difficulty using the online registration system or if you do not have a smartphone, please see the front desk.

Can I make an appointment for COVID-19 testing?

No. We do not accept appointments for COVID-19 testing. Due to the unbelievable volume of calls, our clinics are unable to answer the phones. Please do not call the clinics directly.

What if I am a business owner and I want my employees tested?

We are happy to set up an account and/or arrange for MainStreet to go on-site to test your employees. Please visit our blog for more information about on-site testing or contact our sales team at and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. In your email, please include your company name, address, the total number of employees, and the number of employees you’ll need to be tested immediately.

Does MainStreet still see patients throughout the day even when COVID-19 testing thresholds are met?

Yes. Once we have reached our testing threshold for the day, the contactless registration page will let patients know that we have reached our daily MAX for COVID-19 testing. However, we will still evaluate and treat any symptomatic patients, and provide primary care and occupational medicine services. Patients who are not coming in for COVID-19 testing may scan the QR code and continue with contactless registration.

What kind of test is this and how quickly do I get my results?

You can find more information on the COVID-19 rapid antigen test here. In addition, you can learn more about the COVID-19 viral test here.

How much does the COVID-19 rapid antigen test cost?

We will submit the cost of the test and your visit to your insurance provider. If for any reason they do not cover it, you will receive a bill. We recommend you contact your insurance provider to determine the following:

  • If you will be responsible for the cost of the test and discuss the specifics of your plan and your current deductible balance
  • Ask them about a rapid COVID-19 antigen test with FDA Emergency Use Authorization
  • In addition to the test, some insurance companies expect you to pay for the office visit when you get the test along with other tests that may be run at your visit (such as a flu test).

You can find more information about the costs of testing here.

I’m taking a vacation and must have a negative test within 72 hours of boarding my flight or arriving at my destination. Can you test me now?

Please refer to the instructions above. There are many people that need to be tested for important reasons. We are trying to help all of you the best we can.

I’m bringing in my family of 5 to get tested. We were all recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Please refer to the instructions above. It is safe to anticipate a significant wait time and know that we will help you as soon as we are able. We are trying to help all of you the best we can.

Do I have to wait in line? When can I go to the waiting room?

  • There should be no lines or waiting outside the clinic. Prior to opening, all patients should wait in their car after using the contactless registration system.
  • When you receive a text notifying you that it is your turn to come into the clinic, please come inside the clinic and check in. Please wear a mask and try to maintain a 6 ft. social distance when possible. The staff will call you back when it is your turn to go back to see the provider.
  • If you are a patient that is ill, disabled, elderly, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please wait in your vehicle once you’ve registered.
  • As each group of patients is seen, more patients will be invited into the waiting room to check in with the front desk staff.

What safety precautions are being taken?

  • We ask that all patients must wear a mask inside the clinics.
  • Please do not rearrange or modify our waiting rooms from our standard setup.
  • Our clinic staff is continually sanitizing.
  • Social distancing is a personal responsibility. We ask that you respect the space of others around you. If we all respect the space of those around us, everyone will benefit.
  • We ask that everyone remember that we’re in this together. Patience with other patients and our staff goes a long way. Please be kind and understanding. Our staff is working overtime and we are trying our best to help each and every person that walks into the clinic.

Please do not call the clinics directly. If you have further questions, please Contact Us.