Category: COVID-19

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine in Georgia

Will you be getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Georgia? Georgia MainStreet Family Care clinics are now offering COVID-19 vaccinations. These are currently available at all MainStreet locations. Below is information on the current phase of the vaccine distribution in Georgia. Who can get a COVID-19 vaccine at this time? You can get a COVID-19 vaccination… Read more »

Getting a Flu Vaccine During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This year there are more questions than usual surrounding the flu vaccine. Please read carefully to ensure you have all the information you need. Flu vaccines are available at MainStreet Family Care beginning Monday, September 14th. Please use our contactless registration system to pre-register for your flu vaccine. When is the best time to get… Read more »

Contactless Registration at MainStreet

We are excited to announce contactless registration at MainStreet Family Care and KidsStreet Urgent Care. While you may still have a significant wait, this system allows you to wait from your home or from your vehicle. Please read carefully to familiarize yourself with our process and the safety measures we have put in place. We’ve also added… Read more »